Website Development

We begin by creating a site map of the website, which will serve as the blueprint for the development process. This will help us understand the user flow, page hierarchy, and interconnectedness of the pages. We then start building the website, starting with the homepage and any other main pages. We create the design, which is adapted from the initial concept, and then code it into HTML and CSS. We also integrate any additional features and content, such as images, videos, and interactive elements. Finally, we test and debug the website before launching it.

Ecommerce Setup

An eCommerce store is an online platform that allows customers to purchase products from a website. An eCommerce store can include a wide variety of products such as clothing, electronics, books, and furniture. These stores can also include services such as online ordering, payment processing, shipping and delivery, and customer support. Some eCommerce stores also provide additional features such as loyalty programs, customer reviews, and product recommendations. To operate an eCommerce store, the business must choose the platform that best suits their needs, creates a website, and set up the necessary payment processing and shipping integrations.


An interactive website design can greatly enhance the user experience and keep visitors on your site for longer periods of time. At Blackstone Global Group we specialize in creating interactive website designs that not only look great, but also engage and delight users. Our team will work with you to understand your business and create a website design that meets the needs of your target audience. We’ll incorporate interactive elements such as videos, animations, and interactive forms to keep users engaged and coming back for more. Our goal is to create a website design that not only looks professional and represents your brand well, but also fosters a sense of connection and community with your users. Trust us to create an interactive website design that exceeds your expectations.

Social Media Design

A well-designed social media presence can help your business stand out, attract and retain customers, and ultimately drive sales. At BGG, we have a team of experienced designers who are skilled at creating visually appealing and on-brand graphics for social media. Whether you need custom images for social media posts, or a complete overhaul of your social media accounts, we can help. Our designers will work with you to understand your business goals and create a social media design that reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience. With our assistance, you can elevate your social media presence and effectively communicate with your customers.


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